The stand, associated to a clamp, is used to hold the system in place during the process.
Base plate: steel, approx. 200x125mm
Hight: approx. 600mm, rod D12mm

The footswitch enables to activate your tests while leaving your hands free. Cable length approx. 2m.

The boy-type lifting support is used to place the equipment
at a given height and ensure that the probe is
properly immersed into the liquid. A poorly immersed probe
could heat up and break.
Characteristics: base plate approx. 150×150 mm

The sound damping box enables to significantly reduce the sound effects during your tests.
Dimensions of the box: approx. 400x400x800 mm
Box provided with support stand and clamp.

The PT100 temperature sensor has an initial value of 100 ohms or a temperature of 0°C. This probe, associated to the “LabPremium” PC-software, enables to monitor the temperature, to operate temperature-related and to prevent equipment overheating during the process.
Cable length approx. 1m

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